Kathryn Whitney's Singing Studio

Studio Policies

Before booking lessons or classes through this site, all students are obliged to read the studio policies listed below. 

It is a condition of working in my studio that all individuals booking through this site agree to comply with these policies.

Thank you.

1. Rates. 

Information regarding tuition rates is on the VCM site: http://vcm.bc.ca/tuition-fees/.  I teach in Fee Group 4.

2. Payment of Fees

All payments are to be made directly to the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Lessons are to be paid for in advance, either by the term or by the month. (Payment plan is available through the VCM - ask at the front desk for details.) Please note that the VCM does not accept VISA for private lessons. The VCM charges a small transaction fee (c. $2) for each payment made.

3. Cancellation Policy

The following is the cancellation policy of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, which I adhere to in my studio: "If the instructor cancels a lesson or class, she is obliged to make up the lesson or class in the term it was booked. If a student cancels a lesson or class, the instructor is not obliged to make up the lesson or class." 

I understand that plans do change, however, and I am always happy to make-up lessons under the following conditions: 

3.1 Cancellation owing to scheduling changes

(a) Lessons cancelled by the student two or more weeks in advance of the instruction date may be made up in the term they were booked at the discretion of the instructor. 

(b) Lessons cancelled by the student two weeks or fewer that cannot be made up in the term in which they are cancelled are forfeited by the student and are charged. 

(c) A maximum of two lessons per student may be rescheduled in each term, providing they meet the conditions of (a) and/or (b) above.

Further information: http://vcm.bc.ca/the-fine-print/.

3.2 Cancellation owing to student illness. 

(a) In the event of illness or suspected illness, students may cancel without charge with 24 hours notice a maximum of two times per term. A make-up credit (valid in the term in which the lesson was scheduled) will be issued. 

(b) If no make-up time can be found in the term in which the lesson was cancelled owing to illness, the lesson is forfeited and will be charged.

4. Policy Regarding Illness - Please never bring illness into my studio. 

I am a working singer, and it is very important that I do not catch colds or flu from my students, since this will mean having to cancel engagements and teaching, which results in considerable loss of income. 

(a) Students are required to be vigilant and never attend a lesson when they have a cold or flu, or when they feel they may be coming down with something.

(b) If a student attends a lesson with a cold or flu or showing the signs of a coming cold or flu, I will send the student away and the lesson will be charged. No make-up credit will be issued.

Thank you!

Thank you very much in advance for your kind cooperation with these studio policies.

Kathryn Whitney